#107 La Grande Odalisque and #N/A Kente Cloth

La Grande Odalisque

  • Oil on canvas
  • 1814
  • Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
  • French

An erotic painting that uses an oriental style to stay within the public eye. In the style of venus, but is clearly not.

Kente Cloth

  • Interwoven silk and cotton fabric
  • Ghanan
  • Various dates
  • Various artists

A cloth worn by the Ghanan people symbolizing each tribe and the people in it. Each color has a meaning. Nowadays, some people use kente cloths as stoles.


Theme: The Use of Orientalism in modern days


Visual: Both the La Grande Odalisque and the Kente cloths use sutble symbols to convey their meanings. The La Grande Odalisque has a turban, hookah, and other things that suggest the woman is a Turkish prostitute. With the kente cloths, the colors represent certain traits.

Contextual: The Kente cloth is sometimes used by african americas, who have no remainig connection to their families african past. This, in a way, is orientalism. The La Grande Odalisque was made in this oriental style to remain accepted by art critics at the time.


Visual: The La Grande Odalisque is a painting and does not capture the culture of an entire country, but the Kete cloth does.

Contextual: The La Grande Odalisque is made to be oriental, and to call back to other cultures. The Kente cloths are not intentionally oriental, but are used by americans as an oriental thing.

634- Kente cloth

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